trapped by the swine flu…

A couple of days ago we started hearing about the “swine flu” that was causing Mexico so many problems.  As is the norm, the news was not widely reported until cases started to pop up in the United States and other more “First World” countries.    We live in Texas.  To be specific… the part of Texas that is being shut down right now. 

It started yesterday with one school district closing until the end of the week due to a few confirmed cases of swine flu in students.  Today, two more districts in my area (including the one our kids would attend) are shut down until May 11th.  This includes private schools and daycares.  The purpose is to disinfect as there are several probable cases of swine flu seen in young people coming in to the urgi-cares and doctor’s offices.  (On a weird side note… the urgi-care that we use when something’s needing, well, urgent care, saw some of these probable cases)  The schools are disinfecting and scrubbing down the buildings and the buses.

So.  Apparently I live in Swine Flu Central.  Yep.  Sure do.  As is my nature, I am still in the “mocking the seriousness of the issue” phase of all of this.  I mean, I believe that the swine flu exists.  I believe that it can be bad stuff.  BUT… I’m not buying the “barricade yourself in your home” mentality.  It’s like the folks who go and clear out the bread and milk aisles when there is a threat of a hurricane two states over.  A little over reaction… I think.  On the other hand, I’m fully aware (as both a history major and a non-idiot) that the Spanish Flu that killed off millions in the WWI/post-WWI era started out much the same way… infecting otherwise healthy, young/middle aged people.  This is contrary to the way most things like this work.  Example:  the regular flu.  Mostly affects the very young or very old… young and middle aged people are generally more mildly affected. 

So, with that historical knowledge, I’m trying to not just glaze over the whole thing.  For all I know, it could turn into something reallyreally nasty.  Right now though, it’s just troublesome in that it’s a huge disruption in people’s routines and schedules. 

I’m glad that I stay at home with my kids… at least I don’t have to worry about having to find childcare alternatives or anything like that.  I feel bad for the people who were left in a lurch, not having anywhere for their children to go when they need to be at work. 

Anyways… I guess that’s it.  I’m not super worried about it.  But, I’m also taking precautions.  We will keep the kids away from more crowded areas for the next week or so just until we see how this plays out.

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