i can’t turn right!

So, Matt is out on the lawn mower, which for us, on our 2 acres, generally is a day-long process for him.  Between mowing, trimming etc… it just takes a while. 

So, anyways, I have a Pampered Chef party to do tonight, and so I told him that I was going to come get him off the mower at 4PM.  I go to the back door at 3:30PM and mouth to him that he has 30 minutes left.  That’s the “start to wrap it up” cue.  He mouths back, “I can’t turn right”.  What?  He demonstrates, spinning the wheel countless times, but the wheels are definitely not responding the way they should.  Looks like we’re gonna have to take it in… it’s probably not easy to mow the lawn only being able to make left hand turns!

Don’t I just feel like that some days?  Like, no matter what I do, I just can’t turn “right”???  Today was not one of those days, thank goodness, but I have a feeling that there will be some coming in the future!

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