it’s good that I can already see some good


The best Wednesday of my life:  the Wednesday my son was born.  The worst Wednesday of my life, last Wednesday, April 29th. 

On this particular Wednesday immediate  family (parents, siblings)  was shaken with some news that while not completely surprising, was still devastating.  One of those things looking back, it’s easy to see the bread-crumb trail leading us to April 29th.  But, at the time, devastating. 

The amazing thing about all of this is that already, 3 days later, I have been able to see good come out of it.  I have seen how God has been using this despicable, yucky situation to answer prayers (not that the situation was brought on by prayers, but He has used it to answer completely unrelated prayers).  That’s pretty amazing to me.  Not only that it is working out that way, but also that I can see it through the pain.

That’s it.  This will definitely be a difficult year, but I trust that God will work amazing things in the lives of my family…

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