we’re going for it

The gym, that is!   I’ve decided that I have to balance the miniscule chance that there might be some tiny swine flue virus lurking in the kids play area at the gym versus:  I’m going crazy.

In order to make it all a little safer, I’m going to disinfect their hands as soon as we get in the car, and give them both a bath when we get home.  Hopefully that will aid in the battle against the swine flu.

This is all very annoying, really.  Really just the way it’s being played up.  Now, I’m not an idiot, and I know what it has the potential to do, but I’m also NOT of the philosophy that we need to stay away from all public areas.  Heck, we’re bringing Eli to a lab this morning to get blood drawn (allergy testing… we’re finally doing it!), if that place isn’t crawling with nasty bugs, then I don’t know what place is.

So, wish us luck!  I have some serious aggressions to work out today…

2 Comments on “we’re going for it”

  1. whitney, when you are stuck at home, you should try jillian michaels 30-day shred workout video. she’ll kick your butt. she kicked mine & im feelin it today.

  2. Yeah, we ended up not going. Eli had a little cough when he got up… allergy related I know, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t let him stay with the heightened fears of germs!
    So… at home again… still haven’t worked out those aggressions!

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