just keep on runnin’

So, apparently I looked like I needed to work out some serious aggressions to Matt this evening.  He casually mentions, “why don’t you go to the gym?”  Resisting the urge to ask if it’s because I just ate 3 brownies (hey, they were small!) I hopped up and said, “that’s a great idea.”  And I went. 

Hopped on the treadmill intending to do a little 20 minute walk/jog warm up before a leg workout, but pushed the 5K button instead.  I ran almost the whole thing.  Yep.  That’s some serious aggression-working-out goin’ on!  I walked the first 3 minutes to warm-up, then started running.  Not super fast or anything, but it was definitely running.  I caught the end of Dancing with the Stars, and the sight of those girls and their teeny tiny selves probably gave me more motivation to keep running, more than I realized at the time!  🙂

I also walked the last 2 minutes to cool down. 

Over all, very good.  The downside?  It is now 10:05PM and I’m not feeling that tired.  The adrenaline and endorphins and the such are in high gear!  I guess until the Swine Flu madness dies down a little this is how it’s going to have to be, like it or not…

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