random bits and pieces

*  Sweet Rachel was very whiny this morning.  She wanted the blue plate, and she had the green.  Of course.  Seems like a perfectly good reason to pitch a fit to me… how ’bout you?  After informing her that her attitude was not pleasing to God, she cried a bit more, but eventually ate, even though the plate was green.

*  Found a new song I like!  Here it is:


*  I am a huge fan of using fresh garlic in my receipes now!  Ever since I got the garlic press… I’ve been pressing some serious garlic.  Most recently, a clove of fresh garlic in my tomato sauce for making Baked Ziti.  Yum. 

*  Eli’s word count is now up to… FIVE!!!  Woohoo!!!  Without further ado, here they are:

“Bup”:  up

“Dee”:  deer

“NoNoNo”:  yeah, you guessed it…

“Bop-her”:  diaper

“Bubble”:  probably his best word… it actually is bubble he’s saying!

*  My kids are so cute, I just want to squeeze them and hug them and never let go.  I ask Rachel all the time, “can you please stay small for Mommy?”.  She says, “no”.  A child with a mind of her own, that one…

*  I need to unload the dishwasher, but I don’t want to.  Hence the random post.

*  I guess that’s it.  There are more random things in my head, but they would like to stay there for now.


One Comment on “random bits and pieces

  1. garlic is my FAVORITE. i have it minced in the fridge for anytime use, as well as garlic powder & garlic salt 🙂

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