note to self: wear glasses

So, I had a Pampered Chef show last weekend.  It was TONS of fun, and totally unlike one I had done to this point.  We all got together, and ate dinner at my friends house.  It was kind of a pot-luck-y sort of thing that is called a “pile on”.  It was yummy.

Then, I made the dessert, but since it was also a Girl’s Night Out sort of event, it was totally low-key.  If people had questions, I answered them, but there was not so much structure to the show.

Then, we ate dessert, and watched a movie!  Great fun, and it counted as a show!  What more could I ask for…

So, why should I remember to wear my glasses?  Well, when writing down credit card numbers, those tiny numbers are not always so clear!  I actually did pretty well, but then got an email this morning saying that one of the cards had been declined!  OH NO!!!  My worst fear.  And, it was a card belonging to a girl that I’ve actually known since high school.  I’m thinking to myself, “she’s not an idiot… I’m sure this was an error on my part”.  So, I call her, and tell her what happened, and she’s like, “it should be fine”.  I explain that I was not wearing my glasses while writing her number down, so I wanted to double check that I had it correct.  Well, I had the number right, but the expiration date was totally off!  Whew!  It was my fault!  So, now that that is all taken care of, I must make a note to myself:  wear glasses when copying people’s credit card information down!!!

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