live by example (in all cases???)

Okay, so I’m a big “live by example” kind of person/mom.  I think I talked about doing it a lot, but after becoming a mother my perspective started to change.  I realized to an even greater degree how important it is to live by example.  As my children slowly creep from being babies, to toddlers, and preschoolers (*sigh*)  I realize even more, on a day to day, hour to hour, sometimes yes, even minute to minute, basis how important it is to live by example.

Things I’ve done that I’m not proud to see imitated:  noises of frustration (you just have to imagine these),  crossing my arms in defiance, yelling, not using nice words, oh… the list really could go on and on and on. 

Things I’m happy to see imitated:  using nice words, having concern when another is feeling pain (even if the concerned child originally caused the pain!) , when Rachel says to Matt, “be sweet to Eli and Mommy” as he leaves for work, oh… and my favorite… when Rachel climbs in a chair at the table with her childrens Bible and says she’s reading her Bible.

Of course, as a parent, we are always teaching our children, and a lot of that does come by example.  However, there are some things that should not be learned by example… at least in my opinion. 

Example:  don’t touch a hot pan in the oven to show that it’s bad to touch a hot pan.  Even if you were doing it just ’cause you weren’t thinking.  Think.  It’s worth the effort.  Although… the ensuing yelling and hopping around were probably very (if not only entertaining)  scary.  Hopefully scary enough to make them not want to touch the oven. 

And that’s my words of wisdom for today.

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