milk, and grass, and cats, oh my!

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I mentioned a while back that we were having Eli allergy tested (finally!).  At least, I think I mentioned it.  Maybe I didn’t.  In that case, we recently had Eli tested for allergies.  He’s only 19 months old.  But I tell you, it’s just not normal for a child to have runny nose, chronic rattle-y coughs, and congestion year round.  I mean… seriously.

So, after having tried several allergy medicines, with none of them being effective, I pushed for the blood test, and got my wish.  This past Monday, we got the results.

Now, let me begin by saying that I was hoping and praying that the results would be that there was something.  That sounds strange… for me to want my child to have allergies… which is why I’ll clarify by saying this.  I don’t want him to have allergies, I just want an answer!  He’s soooo very miserable all of the time, I wanted to know something just so that we could work on fixing it!  If that “something” was that he had allergies to something, great!  ‘Cause then we could work on fixing it so that he could enjoy being a kid! 

I also knew based of off copious amounts of internet research (really, I should have enough search hours logged to be an honorary M.D.)  that the blood test has a high incidence of false negatives.  Meaning, it’s possible that the child/person is actually allergic to something, and it won’t show up.  The other form of testing (skin-prick test) has a high incidence of false positives… so really, the best route is to get both done… which we have not done yet.  All of this is to say that I was hopeful for definitive results (as long as it wasn’t dust!)  but not expectant.

Well, our pediatrician called Monday evening with the results.  And, I had to bust out a pen and paper to write everything down.  Things that tested “high”  were:  cat, grasses, milk, peanuts.  Things that tested “low” were:  wheat, corn, egg, dog.

Our pedi basically told me that in his experience the two most “promising” offenders (ie: those causing his misery) were the milk and eggs.  Seriously???  I wouldn’t have even thought it because he doesn’t have digestive problems or upset stomach when he eats dairy.  So, we’re on a 2 week, strict “no-dairy” diet.  Do you have ANY idea how many things have milk or milk products in them?  I didn’t until now.  It’s crazy… I’m telling you… CRAZY.

After the 2 weeks is up, we have to assess whether or not our little experiment has worked.  By “worked” I mean, no more congestion/chest rattling coughs, etc…  If it hasn’t worked, we’ll slowly add dairy back in and watch for changes.  Then, I guess it’s on to the next offenders… wheat and corn?  Yikes.  I can’t imagine what his diet will look like at that point… 

With the peanuts… weird.  That’s all I have to say.  We haven’t given him peanuts or peanut butter (you know, the “no peanut products until after age 2” rule).  He has, however, had things manufactured where peanuts are, or things fried in peanut oil (Chick fil A).  This showing up concerns me greatly since peanut allergies are nastynasty things.  The people who have those generally stop breathing and stuff like that when exposed.  Not good.  So, when we have our 2 week assessment, I’m going to ask about an Epi-pen prescription, just in case.  It never hurts to have one, especially when he’s already tested “positive” for peanuts and so many other things.  If our pedi. is reluctant, I’ll just take him to an allergist and get the skin-prick test done.  If it confirms the blood test results, then I’m sure they’ll write us one.

So, that’s the food side.  With the others, we’re hoping that once the food allergies are resolved by diet, that the Zyrtec he’s been taking for so long will actually have a chance to do its job!  It’s supposed to treat indoor and outdoor allergies (which would take care of the grass and cats), but if he really is allergic to milk or other foods, we wouldn’t have been able to tell if it’s working or not.  

So, that’s how my week has been.  Throw in a raging case of PMS, and it’s been challenging.  It will all be worth it to seem him not miserable though…

2 Comments on “milk, and grass, and cats, oh my!”

  1. So not fun… hope you get some results- I’m the same way. With all of Gabi’s “issues” her EI suggested that we have genetic testing done. I’d love for an answer so we can better help her. Hope you get one!

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