another “bad mommy” award for me…

Yikes… I never cease to amaze myself with the stupid stuff I am capable of doing, and without much effort.

Eli, my sweet boy, has been (or as supposed to have been) on a zero-dairy, low egg diet last week, and this coming week as a food challenge assessment to see if the blood allergy testing is correct.  I thought I was doing pretty well until yesterday, when I hit on a website that was very helpful in breaking down exactly how many foods contain milk/milk protein and/or egg and egg protein.  The egg didn’t worry me as much as we were just supposed to keep him from eating straight egg mostly, but the milk did.  “Zero” dairy means just that… nothing that might even contain the protein… which, by the way, happens to be most foods and spices in my house. 

Here’s how the dinner planning went down last night: 

Hmmm, it’s time to start dinner.  Tonight is spaghetti night.  I should probably check the sauce label to see if it has any “no no” ingredients.  Who would have thought… jarred spaghetti sauce has milk protein in it!  So, spaghetti is out ’cause I can’t just give him plain noodles… I can’t even put butter on them! 

Next option:  tacos.  Tortillas… check.  They’re fine.  Meat… check.  It’s fine.  Taco seasoning… no check.  It contains milk protein.  SERIOUSLY???  Aggghhh… now what?  I call my resourceful SIL, and she talks me through my near-hysteria.  Discover that my fajita seasoning does not have any bad stuff in it, so I make the meat, separate out his from the rest, and season his with fajita seasoning, salt, and diced tomatoes. 

Mission accomplished! 

Today is a new day.  I learned that the “safe” chicken nuggets I’ve been giving him… not safe.  The chicken is fine, but the breading contains milk/egg proteins.  So, now I have to thaw out plain chicken tenders, marinate them, and make those.  I’ll just keep some frozen for the times I need a “safe” food until I figure out what else he can eat! 

I have a feeling this will come across as whiney when read.  I’m really not whining… I am frustrated, but not by him or by the situation… by myself.  How could I be so dense as to not look at EVERY SINGLE LABEL???  Never make assumptions about ingredients with a food allergy!!!  I’m learning that, albeit the slow and hard way!  Hopefully today will be a good day for him, although now the grass pollen levels are through the roof, so he might still struggle, regardless of my efforts to give him a completely dairy free diet.

I did make him an appointment to see an allergist.  The first available was June 4th.  I guess we’ll have another allergy update then! 🙂

2 Comments on “another “bad mommy” award for me…”

  1. dont be so hard on yourself… that is tough! to make sure his food is egg & milk free, thats a lot of label-looking! you are a good mom!

  2. You are not a bad mom! You’re a great mom and I’m glad it’s you searching labels, not me, because I’d probably give up! Sorry I forgot to call you earlier- I’ll call you after nap.

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