our first “semi-official” preschool day

Not completely “official” because I have yet to find Texas state standards for preschool in printable format.  *sigh*  I’ll have to keep looking for that.  Since I don’t have those, I don’t feel like I can adequately “lesson plan” which as a former middle school teacher, I just feel the need to do.  I need to know where we’re headed, and where we’ve been, ya know?

Anyway, we did do “preschool time” today regardless. I figured that it would worth getting used to the structure of it before we started the “official” preschool time.  We played animal sound/charades using flashcards.  The flashcards I have, not such a huge fan.  They are a little too complicated for the purpose I had intended them for.  I was hoping they would be a little more basic… but they have a small picture of an animal (like a red-eyed tree frog???), a picture of a world map with the area they inhabit highlighted, and on the back the scientific classification, food they eat, size, habitat, characteristics, and “interesting facts”.  All of this is just too much for me… So, I picked a few out, and we would look at the animal and name it, “frog”, rather than “red-eyed tree frog”, and then make the sound, “ribbet, ribbet”, and then jump around like frogs.  It was fun, but would have been better if I could find more basic cards. 

The front of the card
The front of the card
the back of the card
the back of the card
I apologize for the poor photo quality… hopefully it at least allows you to see what I’m talking about.
So, next we went into the kitchen, and I pulled out two small floor mats, one for each child to sit on.  Being a product of a Montessori kindergarten, I fully believe in the “space for each child” idea!  And, it worked pretty well considering it was the first time we did it!  I think I might purchase different mats for each of them in the future, that way it becomes more of a personal space than just a place to sit.
Anyway, during mat time, we played with basic puzzles for Eli, and then Eli and Rachel played with the color matching puzzle.  GREAT BUY!!!  This puzzle says ages 4+, but Rachel easily could use it.  Basically, it is 20, 2-piece puzzles, and you have to color match.  It’s even better than I originally thought because each color has two puzzles.  Example:  yellow.  There is a yellow raincoat, and a yellow lemon.  You have to put those with either the yellow paint blot, or the yellow crayon.  Each color has a paint blot and a crayon, and then the other two items differ ie:  red wagon, pink heart, etc…
I like it for these two main reasons:
1.  Two children can use it at the same time (one with paint blots, one with crayons)
2.  The colored item (raincoat, etc…) fits with EITHER the paint blot piece, or the crayon piece… interchangeable! 
This one is definitely a keeper, and one I would recommend for other beginning preschool homeschoolers! 🙂  Or, even those just wanting to do more educational type activities with their child before they go to school.
color matching 1color matching 2mix & match!


So… that’s our “semi-official” preschool time for today!  I’m not planning on doing this every day, but we’ll probably start with 2-3 days a week, and move it up to 3-4 days in the fall. 

2 Comments on “our first “semi-official” preschool day”

  1. Does Texas even HAVE state standards for preschool?They’re pretty laid back when it comes to homeschooling as well.You sounds like you’re off to a great start though!!!

  2. Yes, ButterflyMomma, we do indeed! I found the pdf today at http://www.ritter.tea.state.tx.us…all 129 pages of it!!! There are 10 domains ranging from science/technology to emotional development. I think they’re similar to domains in other states. They are classified into “by 48 months” and “by end of preK”, which in TX, is for 4 year olds. I’m glad to be a little ahead in case we run into topics that will require more time later on! 🙂 I haven’t yet looked into the homeschooling requirements since preschool attendance (public or private) is not mandatory. I hope it is as you say, and relatively “laid back”! Are you in TX too?
    Thanks for your visit!

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