I’m excited because…

1.  I found the Texas Education Department’s preschool standards!  My sweet husband printed them out for me. I actually gave him the paper, but our little printer at home would have just up and died if I had attempted to print 129 pages at one time!  I’m going to take the stack to get bound at Office Depot or someplace later this week!  This means… I can start lesson planning for the fall ’cause I know what I need to be hitting on! 🙂  Yay!!!

2.  Eli’s runny nose and congested cough are dying down, slowly but surely!  I’m not excited in one aspect because it means the “no dairy” diet must be helping, but in other ways… he’s just so much happier!  I love him… and am more that willing to deal with allergies and diets for him to be happy!

3.  Tomorrow is a girl’s night out!  Hooray for GNO’s!!!  Can’t wait… it will be nice to actually sit down and talk for a while.

4.  I got some scrapbooking done!  Now I’m only about 2 months or so behind!  The light at the end of the tunnel draweth near!  Once I get caught up, I think it will be much easier to stay caught up, as long as I make an effort to…

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