soy “cheese” update

The “cheddar flavored” Vegan Soy Block went over well.

I decided to try it in lieu of cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich.  Slicing it was a little weird.  If you’ve never used these soy blocks before, they acutally have kind of a curd-y kind of feel, and almost oily.  Weird… I wasn’t expecting that.  So, I sliced some pieces, and drizzled a little oil in the pan in lieu of butter, and made the sandwich as normal. 

He liked it a lot!  I tasted it, and really it wasn’t that bad.  Obviously it’s missing the creaminess that cheese has.  But, my POV is that if my husband can consume that nasty stuff packaged as cheese but obviously NOT cheese (ie: Cheez Whiz) then this isn’t that much of an experiement.  The experiement is with the artificial stuff made to be like real stuff.  At least the soy block is soy… and I know that!

So, that’s that.  It does give me hope that the vegan macaroni and cheese I’m trying tomorrow will be good too!

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