books vs movies

I am so very disappointed right now. 

I currently am on a kick where I am enjoying reading about the “outlaw history” of the state of Texas.  Never cared much about it, even though I’ve lived a good many years in the state.  I grew up in a military family stationed for most of my growing up years in Europe… so kings, queens, European battles, wars, and conflicts… these were my choices for reading materials.  Then, I started to enjoy American history a bit more.  No, it’s not “history” in the sense that Europe or Asia has “history” (and note: I’m not referring to Native American history here, I am aware that goes back further than “American” history) , BUT, since it happened before today, it is technically classified as history.  I do like reading about conflicts and wars… not so much because of what’s happening… I’m not a war-monger… but I like to study the effect of those conflicts on the social history of the nation.

Most recently, I’ve just finished reading three books about the “outlaw history” in Texas.  One was about Cole Younger.  I didn’t like it.  Actually, I think the problem was that I didn’t like him, his personality, his writing style, or his motives.  So, it made reading the book painful.

The other was about the McNelly era of taming the Nueces Strip.  I did like this one, but felt like I would have liked MORE of it.  I needed to know more details than what was provided.  I enjoyed the memoir-ish point of view, but it was just not “chock full” of information enough for me.

My favorite was The Newton Boys.  This one was told by two of the brothers that participated in the action.  I liked it because it was genuine. (they never claimed to be anything other than what they were… which was, in their words, people like any other business man, just looking to make some money!)  I liked it because I recognized and have been to, or through, many of the little towns they robbed!  I liked the style it was written in, and the fact that they really tried to give every detail they could remember.  I also liked that they didn’t just focus on the crime spree era.  They made a point to give the background history of the people involved… mostly Willis, who was the ringleader of the brothers.

So, last night, Matt and I started to watch the movie based on the book.  Big mistake.  I should have known… I mean, when I watched “Gone With the Wind” for the first time, I almost cried!  You see, I had read the book so many times (this is by 7th grade) that the cover had tattered off.   I had a VERY clear picture in my head of what everthing was supposed to look like, and when it didn’t, I was crushed.  Devastated.  Disappointed.  So, I should have known… but I started to watch anyways. 

Blah.  The book for The Newton Boys is SOOOOO much better than the movie!  I had an easier time following along because I had read the book, but the movie starts at about the halfway point in the book!  People cannot possibly fully enjoy the movie unless they first read the book.  And even then, it’s difficult to watch these “hollywood hotties” portray everyday Texas bank robbers! 

So, I will not be finishing the movie.  It’s too disappointing. 

And, that’s it! 🙂  Have a happy Sunday… I’m off to get ready for church…

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