the polite sick child

Last night there was a big series of storms that marched through our area.  It was kind of cool ’cause I could hear the thunder way off in the distance, then the wind started to blow, then there was lightening… and then the driving rain.  I am a fan of summer storms. 

After the first set rolled through, we were jolted awake by a screaming child.  We ran back to Rachel’s room and discovered that she had thrown up in bed.  So, we followed our normal routine when something like that happens.  Matt gives the child a bath, I change the sheets/bedding.

While we were getting her dressed, she kept talking about the thunder and the lightening; it became very clear that she was petrified of the storm.  In fact, I thought at first maybe she had thrown up because of nerves.  We’re talking to her about how she doesn’t need to be afraid of the thunder because God is bigger than the thunder and God is in control of all of the storms.  Although she’s agreeing with what we’re saying, it’s obvious that she’s still afraid to be alone, so, contrary to our usual behavior, we let her come get in bed with us.  She’s snuggled in, we’re drifting back off to sleep when another set of storms rolls in.  She snuggles right up against my back and coughs a little.  That jolted me awake again, and I ask if she needs to make more throw up.  She says “yes”, and she wants “Daddy to take her”.  Fine with me.  I can do blood and guts… throw up, not so much.

So, they’re in the bathroom, and she’s yakking away, a massive amount of puke.  I’m not sure how she had that in her since she pretty much refused to eat anything but 2 apple slices at dinner.  We brush teeth, and go back to bed, but now I’m paranoid.  Every little rustle, or cough, or movement I ask if she’s okay, if she needs to make more throw up.  She responds to my many questions, “no, thank you”. 

Ha!  An almost three-year-old saying “no thank you” when asked if she needs to puke?  Classic!  Such a sweet girl…

Today she’s not quite herself.  She woke up at about 6:15 even after a no nap yesterday, a late night, and being up in the middle of the night.  I’m thinking a nice, long, naptime is in store for our house this afternoon… at least I hope it is!

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