finally, some actual relaxation!

As mentioned in the previous post, our lives the past few weeks have been a tad bit on the crazy side.  I have a feeling this craziness is about to make itself the norm, especially as the kids get older and become more involved in activities and the such.

Today I drew the line.  Well, technically, it was last night.  Rachel had been invited to yet another kid birthday party.  And, while we are friends with this family, and she does play with this little girl, I just couldn’t take the thought of 2 hours in  jump-castle agony.  So, last night I changed our rsvp to “no”.  Could technically be seen as a little tacky… maybe not quite as bad if you know our previous evite reply was “maybe”.   I decided that today was going to be a do-nothing family day.   Annnnd, it’s been so nice. 

There’s been no visit to a spa, no massage, no pedicure/manicure (although I could use both…), nothing that would bring on “relaxation”.  Instead, it’s been the fact that we had absolutely NOWHERE to be that did it.  We even did our grocery shopping for the week last night to accomodate my do-nothing-Saturday desires!  Ahhhh… so nice.

We did decide this morning that we’d take the kids to my in-laws swimming pool.  What a blessing it is to have their un-interfering selves less than a mile away from us…  We decided to go about 11am, then come home for lunch, and hopefully all the sun and “surf” would have worn everyone out enough for loooong naps.  We called my SIL/BIL and crew to see if they wanted in on what was sure to be a great time.  Turned out to be even greater than I thought… we all brought lunch fixin’s over, and swam, grilled, and ate.  Came home about 1:30, and everyone crashed.  Ahhhh (again).  It was so nice… hang out time with family (which never happens because of schedules), lunch, sun, swimming… just nice…

So, my do-nothing-Saturday has been a tremendous success.  We’ll definitely have to plan for another one of these in the near future.

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