please, say it ain’t so…

Dear Reader,

My newly minted three-year-old has decided naps are for the birds.  I’m crushed.  I LOVE the occasional nap… like, today, for instance.  Today was a great day for a little nap, but my sweet princess would have none of it.  I am trying with all my might to teach her the value of some “quiet time”, but at three, it’s a little past her.  In the meanwhile, I get frustrated and annoyed and ever more irritable at the thought of me, not asleep.

Any tricks out there that might help???  I can’t leave her with an art-type project at her age.  It’s too hot (and she’s too young) to play outdoors unsupervised, and I won’t just stick her in front of a series of cartoons or movies.  What works???


a very tired mom

7 Comments on “please, say it ain’t so…

  1. Dear very tired mom,

    Try telling her that she needs to lay down, but she doesn’t have to go to sleep. Tell her if she’s sweet and obeys that she will get ___ when she wakes up. (Choose whatever works for her- an art project with mom/ a couple of mm’s/ playtime in the sandbox, etc.) Mayce usually ends up falling asleep after 20 or 30 minutes if she’s playing in bed with her baby quietly. Hope it works!

    Your tired sister 🙂

  2. My second born is almost 3 (this month). She has outgrown naps (however my 6 year old will gladly still have her daily nap….). So instead, we do “quiet time” where she will be in either her big comfy pink chair…or her bed (I say to her “what would you like to choose…). Then I say, you can either play quietly with your ponies, or read a book. (again, I say, “what would you like to choose….). From experience, if I give HER the choice, she feels like she’s in control – giving her the opportunity to MAKE the choice…

    Start out slowly with this though; I don’t think it would be successful for say, an hour long time period. I allow her to make choices in most things. (What color cup would you like your milk in – if I want her to drink milk – your purple cup, or your blue cup…what would you like to wear today -if I want her to wear a dress…a pink dress or a red dress.)

  3. Melissa’s been letting the kids listen to audio books during “quiet reading time”/naptime. It’s not perfect, but it seems to have worked many days.

    You can get some pretty good ones from the library. Maybe she would lay in her bed and listen to stories on CD or disney princesses singing songs?

  4. I might have to try that out. I do have a CD of Bible stories/songs playing as it is during naptime, but she usually just scales the dresser and takes the CD out and puts bracelets or something in place of the CD. Maybe if it were a little more “little” kid friendly, it would work…

  5. Have you thought about purchasing a bag of “quiet time toys”? Perhaps if there was a bag of things to choose from that are only to be played with during quiet time, it might hold more appeal?

    The audio books sound like a great idea, too. Have you looked at librivox? They are free to download and have a variety of audiobooks read by volunteers.

    Hope you find a solution 🙂

  6. Another good suggestion. It would definitely be better than what happened yesterday! She took out the plastic storage boxes of winter clothes, and when I came in to wake her up (she did eventually fall asleep on her own) she had on three dresses, and fuzzy slipper/socks! 😉 Poor thing was roasting hot when she woke up. 😦

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