I hardly know what to do with myself…

So, this morning I:

* dusted all dustable areas of my house.  YUCK.  I hate dusting, but it does feel nice to see the original surfaces of my furniture.

*  cleaned kitchen counters.  Again, since we have dark counters (mostly black) they look dusty easily.  It’s great to see them shine!

*  vacummed all carpet areas of house.  Then, dumped out the vacuum canister.  Gross. 

*  Cleaned all three bathrooms.  What do we need three bathrooms for anyways???  Regardless, they are cleaned.

*  Bathed two kids.  Ah, nothing smells better than a freshly washed baby!

*  Did some Pampered Chef stuff I’ve been putting off.  Just printed out an labeled receipts for the things I’ve purchased for the “business”.  I’ll have to do the tax stuff (or rather, Matt will have to do the tax stuff) next year for “owning my own business”, and I’m trying dilligently to make that process easier on him. 🙂

*  called the kids dentist to leave insurance information.  May not seem like a big deal, but if there’s problems, I want to know about them BEFORE I have both of them in the office for a teeth cleaning on Thursday.

I’ve been so productive this morning, I hardly know what to do with myself!  I guess I can take a little nap with Rachel (FYI, I’ve discovered she’ll more readily nap on my bed…)  and not feel like there’s something I should be doing!  For today, my list I made is all checked off, and that’s such a nice feeling… 🙂

3 Comments on “I hardly know what to do with myself…

  1. wow…. so you want the desperate housewife of the year award?

  2. no, hillary, I seek no awards! In fact, I have to admit I’m not sure what you mean by “desperate housewife”. If it has anything to do with the show, I confess I’ve never seen a single episode, so the reference is lost on me.
    I enjoy what I do every day, just that particular day I was so very productive, I was almost at a loss! 🙂

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