the kiddie dentist is cool

This morning I took both of my children (ages just-turned-three, and almost 22 months) to the pediatric dentist for their first visit/cleaning.  I knew just based on talking to the receptionist people that for Rachel, they would attempt a “full” cleaning (floss, brush, flouride etc…) along with x-rays.  I also knew that for Eli, they would not try x-rays yet because of his age, but would do as much as he would let them as far as cleaning.

Can I just say, that this place is amazing???  I know there are probably great pediatric dental offices in other places, but I’ve never been in one before!  So, for us, this was a new experience, and I was, I’ll confess, a tad nervous taking them by myself for this initial visit. 

We came in, and fortunately I’d filled out most of the paperwork beforehand.  They were happily playing with a wide range of age appropriate toys, climbing on things, and watching a movie while we waited.  All in a reception area that seriously looked a lot like a jungle.  Painted murals on the walls, giant stuffed animals strategically placed.  It was pretty cool.  They also have several different themes for the cleaning bays.  Everything from jungle to “beach”.

So, Rachel gets called up for her x-rays, and she takes them like a pro!  I was so proud of her!  Then, we go back, and she gets in the chair.  (Can I say at this point I was so glad I had taken her with me last week when I got my teeth cleaned?  She was so relaxed, and had actually paid attention, so knew what everything was for!  Crazy what that child soaks in…)  The hygenist is explaining all of the tools, and then starts to clean.  In the meanwhile, another hygenist comes over and puts Eli in the chair next to Rachel.  Both kids at the same time!  I love those people…

Eli’s hygenist had a larger task ahead of her!  She let him hold onto the little vacuum, they call it “Mr. Thirsty”, and they played a game with the water and vacuum until he felt comfortable enough to put anything in his mouth.  She’d squirt water onto a foam tray, and then let him suck it up with “Mr. Thirsty”.  He thought that was great fun.  Then they got a little plastic fish and “brushed” the fish’s teeth… and it all worked!  He let her brush, and flouride his teeth!  I was super excited.

The only negative part of the visit was between the cleanings and when the dentist came around to check them out.  Eli had a mini-meltdown… face on the floor crying and screaming.  He just wanted the “made with Splenda” lollypop that was in the bag they sent home with him.  Rather than freak other young kids out, I gave it to him.

The dentist did ask with both of them if they sucked their thumbs or pacifiers.  Errr… yes.  We JUST got rid of Rachel’s pacifier for naptime a few weeks ago.  And, Eli still has his for naptime and night time.  She said she could tell, both of their bites were  a little off.  Grrreeeat.  Fortunately, it shouldn’t effect them in the long term.  And honestly, it was worth the bite being off for me to have a method to calm/comfort/QUIET them when they were small!

So, that’s it.  Our trip to the dentist.  We now will go every 6 months with them.  I think it was good to start them out early… especially Eli.  Hopefully next time they’ll be able to get even more accomplished!

4 Comments on “the kiddie dentist is cool”

  1. First–love the new beach picture on the top. Very cute!

    I’m so encouraged to hear that your 22 month old tolerated the dentist. Carter is also 22 months old and I’ve been pondering whether or not I should take him. I hope I can find a dentist as great as yours!

  2. Thanks!

    And, I hope that you find a dentist in your area you really like for C. I’d advise visiting first. I didn’t do that this time around only because my in-laws take all four of their boys there and LOVE it. I figured that was as good as a visit. 🙂 When is C’s birthday? The boys have to be awfully close together!

  3. Ahh, they are almost a month off. Eli is September 26th. Funny though, Matt’s birthday is the same day as C! 🙂

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