to library, or not to library?

I am an avid reader.  I like a variety of subjects… although these days I’m tending to dwell on biographies and early American history.  That said, the library was a favorite place of mine as a kid, and even as I grew older.  There’s just something about being in a quiet, book filled building that brings me much joy.  Then, I had children. 

My library habits have much changed since the introduction of little ones into the family.  At first, I was the “bring both kids to the toddler reading time” mom.  It actually wasn’t that bad.  Rachel would run around and barely pay attention, but hey, it was a room full of toddlers… every other kid was doing the same thing.  That worked until Eli started to crawl.  The morning he crawled over to a lady and started licking the bottom of her shoe, I was done with toddler reading  time. 

A couple weeks ago, we tried again.  Every Wednesday during the summer our local library hosts a kid-friendly guest.  I decided to try out the “tortoise lady” and see if we were ready for the library again.  I also invited a couple friends and their kids along.  It was good, until about 5 minutes before the thing started.  At that point, Eli decided he was finished with sitting on the floor, and wanted to run.  Yes.  Run.  So, I leave my older child, and three others with this sweet girl I met at swim lessons while I go chase my son around the library.  He proceeds to run up and down the hall while the tortoise lady proceeds to bore the kids to tears.  Apparently, I chose poorly, and this was the worst guest of the summer to date.  Figures.  The saving grace was going to Sonic with friends and kids.  Although, since Eli is now obsessed with cars and trucks, it was difficult to keep him from running up to every car that pulled in to order.  Went home, took nap.  Vowed to never do that again.

Today, figured we needed something to do, and it needed to be air conditioned.  Yes, you guessed it, we went to the library.  HOWEVER, today there were no guest speakers, no kiddie reading time, no crowds whatsoever.  It was perfect.  Adding to the perfection was that I had the forsight to bring the double jogger stroller along.  With kids strapped in, the library is much easier to navigate.  Went in, chose books in record time, even picked a Hermie DVD for the kids to watch (of course, when we got home it was so scratched that it wouldn’t play). 

So, I’ve decided that regardless of the difficulty, I want my children to be exposed to the library more often.  I want them to love it like I did/do.  I long for the day when we can all go, and they’ll go off to choose their books, and I’ll choose mine, and then we’ll all go to Starbucks and sit and drink crazy specialty drinks (decaf for them) and read.  Doesn’t it sound like a dream?  Maybe in a few (15 or so) years!

2 Comments on “to library, or not to library?

  1. Before I even read the post, I had answered the question (for me) with “not to library.” Since my girls are “too big” for the stroller (and I don’t have a quad one anyhow- and you KNOW that Sarah’s not gonna sit in the triple if Gabi’s not!) the library consists of me chasing them, whispering no (loudly!), and putting books back where they yanked them out. The thought of it brings back my early-pregnancy nausea! So, yay for you that you can do that… I’m so jealous because I love the library, too. I’m afraid if I brought my kids much that I would start to hate it! (Ooh, and thanks, now I’m reeaally craving Starbucks!)

  2. I know, it is easier with just two! I think the stroller thing works for us because it’s side-by-side. Mine hate being where they can’t sit next to each other. 😉
    Maybe sometime you can take them for 30 minutes or so on a Saturday morning. It really doesn’t take a long time to grab a few books. Perhaps with short, frequent exposures, they would learn proper library ettiquette! 🙂 At least, that’s what I’m hoping for mine…

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