“crying it out” stinks

Let’s face it people.  Letting a child “cry something out” stinks.  It’s one of those pieces of advice that people give if they are either A: far enough past that stage to not remember the awful-ness, or B: completely naive.

My son is 22 months old.  He is still very attached to his pacifier, and it was at this age that we started limiting our daughter to “naptime/nighttime” only.  Soooo, being a creature of habit, I decided that it was time to limit baby boy to the “naptime/nighttime” rule. 

Today was the first day doing that.  I kept them busy all morning so that he wouldn’t realize he didn’t have access to it.  We went to return a DVD to the library, and get a new one.  We went to Home Depot and ran around looking at the plants, and even got some seeds.  We went swimming, they played with play-doh, we ate lunch.  As is our habit, 30 minutes before naptime we settled in to watch a DVD.  This time, it was The Wiggles.  I head back to the computer to enter the last bit of a massive Pampered Chef order I have to submit today, and about 5 minutes later, Eli comes in, pulling at my hand.  This is his cue for “go get my paci” .  So, I said “no” firmly, and gave him his blanket lovie.  He proceeded to stuff it in his mouth, and scream for 30 minutes.  Yes.  The ENTIRE time.  You’d think by that point, he’d be exhausted since it was naptime anyway, but no, after I put him in his crib and gave him the pacifier, he wanted out to run around.  I told him we could rock, but not play.  He didn’t want that either. 

What am I supposed to do?  It is utterly heartbreaking and frustrating for your child to be so upset!  And yet, I know that breaking these habits are just part of the mommy experience, albeit, not my favorite part. 

Anyone ever had this problem?  I’m desperate for suggestions or ideas.  Please, just don’t give me “cry it out”; if we have to continue this method, he won’t be the only one crying…  😦

3 Comments on ““crying it out” stinks”

  1. I don’t know what would help :(. We’ve always just not bought the “next size up” paci… for instance, Naaman really needs the 6 months plus paci, but he still uses his “up to 6 months” one. If it works like it did Gabi and Sarah, he’ll just kind of get tired of it around 10 months and give it up himself. Evan, on the other hand, is a thumb-sucker. Don’t know what we’re gonna do about that since his thumb grows with him! Maybe Eli will want to be a big boy when the baby comes? We can hope….

  2. Since our new baby will be here in December, we have started breaking Charlie of his binkie now. He is on the nap and night time only and we bring it witht us in the car too in case he gets sleepy then. If he decides he wants it at home at another time of day, I tell him he can but has to stay in his crib. He usually lays there with it for 15 to 30 minutes until he gets bored and decides it is time to get up. I have him put it away and come back to play with us. This is what I did with my girls too and they were broken of it by 22 months. My middle child was the hardest and we finally just had to cut it so that it was not at all apeeling to her. Hope that some of that helps.

  3. Yeah, we tried the “cutting” thing with our first, and she didn’t care… still sucked on it! I think we’re going to have to go “cold turkey” on him. According to articles I’ve read since I posted this, that’s the “best” (note: not easy!) way to do it once they reach about 2 years old. He’ll be 2 next month…

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