it takes two

So, if you are anything of a frequent reader, you are aware that I have been seriously considering/pursuing the homeschooling option for my children.  Rachel just turned three in June, and Eli will be two next month.  My plan was to do a basic 3/4 preK program with Rachel 2-3 days a week this year, and then slowly transition to longer time periods, more days over the next 2-3 years.  That way, when we need to start spending more time “schooling”, it wouldn’t come as a systemic shock (as it does to many poor children out there…).

Part of me has been holding out on this idea, even though most of me has been really excited.  I couldn’t figure out why, and then, it hit me.  Homeschooling takes two… meaning, me and my dh need to be on the same page.  Honestly, we had never sat down and seriously discussed it.  I guess I just assumed that he was onboard, but in surprisingly guy-like fashion, I had totally neglected the signs telling me that he had doubts.  All of this came to a head last weekend with a series of events that I’ll not detail, but that led to me and my hormones exploding.  Post explosion, I became contemplative, and realized what my problem with homeschooling was:  I didn’t feel supported in it.  With that discovered, I sat down to have a talk with Matt.

Basically, he just doesn’t know much about it.  I think if we could afford private school, he’d be all over that… for him, homeschooling is the next option.  He didn’t grow up with much exposure to homeschoolers, and the ones that he did know were more than a little weird in many ways.  It clicked then with me that while I have been avidly researching and planning and asking questions to whoever will entertain them, homeschooling is probably not a hot topic when it’s “just the guys” hanging out, you know? 

So, our plan is to have a family over for dinner sometime in the next two weeks when our schedules match up.  Hopefully Matt and the dad of the family will be able to talk a little, and he can get a “man’s perspective” on how homeschooling really can bless a family.  I’ve heard it from a million people; I don’t think he has. 

I am still excited about homeschooling, but now I realize that I alone can’t do it.  Homeschooling really does need to be a family effort.  There will be things that I can’t do, that Matt will need to help out with (ie: math).  When we take “fieldtrip vacations” I would want it to be a joint effort… planning activities etc… 

I think/hope once he hears from someone he knows/trusts/considers to be normal, he’ll start to like the idea more…

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