The “How to Deal with a Pregnant Lady” Handbook. Chapter One: “Telling”

With the world’s population growing at its current rate, it has become nearly impossible to avoid an encounter with a pregnant lady.  Like it or not, they are out there. 

Currently, I am one of “they”.  However, I’m quickly discovering that with healthy pregnancy number three, my opinions and attitudes about the process have changed.  So, I’m on a mission.  A mission to record for myself exactly how crazy I am during this time period, and also to let people in on the craziness.  Seriously, more stuff should be written at the height of pregnancy and the emotions, and the HORMONES… if for no other reason, than because it’s honest.  🙂

So, Chapter One:  “Telling”. 

Since I am near the beginning of my current pregnancy, it seemed a good place to start.  When to tell, how to tell, who to tell… all good questions.  Every pregnant lady will encounter these questions.  So, here’s how it goes. 

Who to tell:  For me, the first to know was ALWAYS my husband.  He pretty much knew before the pee-test because I always had a feeling.  The plus sign just confirmed the feeling.  Beyond that, we have always told family first, close friends next, and then whoever else after that.  FYI:  it’s a little annoying when that process gets thrown out of whack.  We pregnant folks have it in our heads how it should go, and that had better be the way it goes.  Or else… 

When to tell:  Depends.  Some people are the “wait until after first trimester” kind of folks.  Some people start calling every soul they know as soon as the plus sign appears.  I’m somewhere in the middle.  I am a “wait until after I see the heartbeat” kind of girl, which generally falls anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks, depending on when your first dr. appointment is.  For baby number three, I don’t have the extreme “tell the world” syndrome that tends to hit first-timers.  I actually wanted to just wait until people noticed I was getting fatter and leave them to speculate. 

How to tell:  I’m not that creative.  I tell my husband by just telling him.  I tell my family by just telling them.  Same with friends.  I personally don’t see what the big deal is with planning out a huge, elaborate reveal.  I know some people love the reveal.  Maybe that’s just ’cause they haven’t reached the morning (all day) sickness part yet.  

And, that’s all I have for now.  Tune back in later for Chapter Two:  Please… I Just Need a Nap.

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