a fun Montessori-ish activity for preschoolers

I got this idea from a friend of mine (who has since moved to farfar away Alaska).  She homeschools, but her daughter attended a Montessort preschool for about a year, I think. 

Anyways, she said that one of the things they’d do with the kids was to give them modeling clay, and golf tees, and golf balls.  The kids could stick the golf tees in the clay, and try to balance the ball on top.  Or, they could just be creative with it.  All good especially for fine motor skills.

So, today I gave it a shot.  I already had some modeling clay.  I purchased a bag of golf tees (less than $3) and some ‘practice’ golf balls (they are softer, and less likely to break something if thrown!).

I put art smocks on them to prevent the smearing of colorful clay on their clothes, and let them go at it!  There was immediate interest as it was something “different”, and fun. 

Here’s some of the results of the activity:

Rachel sticking as many tees as possible into a "snake".

clay and golf tees 2

Rachel was so proud of the "windmill" that she made.

Overall, a fun activity, and easy to pull off.  Relatively cheap, especially if you already have a golfer in the family!  Can get a little messy, but if you go into it knowing that, and being okay with it, then it’s not a big deal.

2 Comments on “a fun Montessori-ish activity for preschoolers”

  1. How fun! You know, mom used to let her preschoolers “hammer” golf tees into a cardboard box- they were great for that. I can’t remember what she used for the hammer though; we’ll have to ask her. They are so cute- lie to me and tell me they don’t always look that perfect, okay? I don’t think I can handle it if they do :). Sarah’s hair hasn’t even been brushed today… I know, bad mommy, bad mommy…

  2. No, they don’t always look that “perfect”! In fact, the only reason they look that neat and clean is because they got so nasty dirty at the park today that they had to have a bath when we got home! Hence, the brushed hair, and clean faces! 🙂

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