bring on the scissors!

Scissors & toddlers generally do NOT mix well, at least in my opinion.  I have avoided scissors and all they entail until this point in my life, and from what I’ve read/researched, I’ve been correct in doing so.

Most teachers/educators/”know how” people say that a child isn’t developmentally ready for scissor use until about age three.  Of course, every child is different, so while yours may be a pro at cutting paper by 26 months, most children don’t start developing the fine motor control to use scissors properly until at least age three, sometimes much later.  It is, I think, important that you not rush scissor use.  It’s like potty training; if you do it before the child is ready, it can end up taking longer than it should to “get the hang of it”, per se.

So, today we got the scissors out.  I have several pairs of child-sized scissors, all with blunt tips, and one pair that is plastic and couldn’t cut anything dangerous at all.

I gave a pair to my three-year-old, and a piece of paper on which I had drawn straight lines.  I showed her how to hold the scissors (something we’ll be working on for a while!), and how to make them move to cut the paper.  She got the hang of it, and although her form is not “perfect”, it is where it should be for her first try.  After she cut all of the straight, vertical lines, I drew some slanted lines, which she totally did not get how to cut!  That will be our next skill set for cutting with scissors.

While she was working on that, my almost two-year-old (who is NOWHERE near ready for actual scissor use, but of course has to do everything his older sister does!)  had a piece of paper, plain, no lines.  I gave him the plastic scissors that couldn’t hurt a fly to “play” with, and he pretended to cut, mostly by tearing the paper up. 

Once they finished, I let them color on their paper for some extra fun. 

So, over all, not such a bad experience.  🙂

Here are some pictures:

trying to hold scissors correctly!cutting activity 2cutting activity 1

You can see where it’s still very awkward for a three-year-old to hold scissors correctly!  You can also (kind of) see her little cuts into the paper.  They weren’t exactly on the line… that’s something else to work on! 😉

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