Letter “A” kick-off day!

Today we “officially” started homeschool preschool.  I’ve been doing little things here and there with my 3-year-old and almost 2-year-old, but in our area, public schools started back today, so I chose today to be our first day as well. 

As stated previously, we’re doing a very basic Whitney-styled curriculum involving three main activities every time we do school.  We’re also taking 2 weeks for each letter since my slightly speech-delayed son could definitely use the extra time and focus, and repetition on sound-making.  Rachel already knows all of the letters by sight, but she needs to work on lower case letter recognition and sounds as well.  I kicked off Letter A by making them apple toaster strudels, and on top with the icing I made the Letter A.  Rachel was so excited to see it, and ate the whole thing.  🙂

We started off  structured school time by reading our “A” memory verse from the book “The ABC Bible Verse Book” by Deedra Scherm.  The verse for “A” is: As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  Joshua 24:15.  Since we’ll spend two weeks focusing on this verse, we can not only memorize, but also really get into what it means… at least with the older child! 🙂 

After the verse time, we read a book:  “Alligator Baby” by Robert Munsch.  Very cute story!  Since the book was about an alligator baby, we also did the “Five Little Monkeys” finger play since one of the main characters is Mr. Alligator.  Both kids really liked doing the hand motions as I told the story.

After that, we practiced our verse again, and then did the project of the day, which was to paint wooden letter A’s.  It was fun times!  I went into it thinking:  this will make a mess.  And so, was not at all let down when it did just that!  I had purchased the letters from Hobby Lobby, and also purchased a set of paint brushes/sponges that came in all sizes, shapes and colors.  Both kids got to choose their brush, and color paint to start with.  Rachel chose pink (of course), and Eli picked blue.  Right off the bat, Eli jammed a paint-filled brush into his eye.  Yep.  It barely missed his eyeball.  After that, it went pretty smoothly.  I let Rachel layer on some colors because she finished her base pink color pretty quickly.  She did some red polka dots, and then when that mostly dried, painted white all over the letter and ended up with a kind of white/pink swirly pattern.

Letter A

Clean up time!  I plan on letting them watch “Word World” at 10:30, so until then I printed out coloring sheets from the fisher price website.  They have the letters of the alphabet, and the letter A page is the letters, with a picture of an alligator!  Perfect.  We’re about to do snacks (Apple Jacks cereal!) By 11:00 we’ll be finished with the more structured part of our school day.  Whew.  It was fun.  I look forward to doing this with them throughout the year, especially as they get more used to the schedule and structure.

4 Comments on “Letter “A” kick-off day!”

  1. I’m so excited for you! I homeschool my three girls (really, just two of them since the baby is only a year…)…we do it year round though so I don’t get *stressed.* LOL! You sound like you’re off to a great start!!!!!

  2. Yes, I’m excited! It’s turning out to be a big week for us… homeschooling, Eli getting rid of his pacifier, Eli moving to a toddler bed… whew… I’m going to need a vacation! 🙂

  3. This is so great Whitney! I love it and I’m totally going to copy you with Carter. I don’t know if you want any additional ideas, but as a Kindergarten teacher, I just can’t help myself. One really key concept for helping children learn letters and how they function in words is finding them “in context”. A great way to do that is to write them a message each morning (in big, easy to read print) and ask them to point to the letter you’re learning then circle it. For your older child, you can begin to work in letter sounds and how those sounds help to make the words in your message.

  4. Hey, thanks!
    Also, thanks for the kindergarten teacher suggestion! I do have Rachel point out letters in words in books that we read… but a written something every day might help Eli especially since he’s just a beginner with all of this stuff.
    They are so cute when I ask them, “what does A look like with your hand” and they make the sign language letter A! Ahh, I’m loving this age with them right now… 🙂

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