A is for Ant

Yesterday we continued with the letter A by reviewing the “A” Bible verse (As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, Joshua 24:15)  Rachel already has the verse mostly memorized… I have to give her a few words here and there.  Eli will repeat most of it after me… his little voice is so sweet!  An added bonus:  I get to learn the verses with them too!  I already knew this one, but there are some in the book I don’t know, so I look forward to that.

After that, we read, “Ants in my Pants” by Wendy Mould.  The kids really liked it.  Then, we did “The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah” song.  We only went up to 5, since that’s as far as I want to go with Eli right now.  They got a huge kick out of marching around and doing all of the motions! 😀

For the activity, we made ants out of egg cartons and pipe cleaners.  I cut the cartons into sections of three long, and had them paint it black.  Eli would only paint the tops… not the sides… Then, we let them dry, and I let them pick out the color pipe cleaners they wanted for the legs.  Rachel picked… pink, of course.  And Eli picked brown.  Both kids ant antennas I made black.  I made their snacks, which was mini marshmallows and dried apples.  I put them on little pieces of paper that I had drawn a big A and little a.  On the big A, I put dots, and they got to put one marshmallow on each dot.  The apples they arranged on the small a.  They also had apple juice, a treat since we’ve cut juice out of our grocery list (they really don’t need it, and water is cheaper, and better for them!) 

letter a snack paper

Once the ants were dry, I poked holes in them with an exacto knife, and put the pipe cleaners in.  Their little fingers don’t yet have enough dexterity to do that sort of thing.  Then, I hot glued googly eyes on the front as the final touch.


Overall:  Fun, but today was definitely more “parent intensive”, as far as the project is concerned.

Today is an “off” day.  I don’t have Wednesdays planned because in two weeks Wednesday morning Bible study will be starting back up.  So, today we’re going to the library, and next Wednesday we’ll either do the same, or maybe go to the Children’s museum… haven’t decided yet.

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