butterfly invasion!

I have recently been hit with a “updating bug” concerning my house and its appearance.  Nothing major… I’m not going out on a furniture shopping spree, or re-tiling the kitchen or anything!  I’ve just wanted to add small touches to rooms to change them up a bit; seeing the same thing every day has become a little dull.  It probably started when we moved Eli to his toddler bed.  It’s a hand-me-down, one of those beds that looks like a car!  He (finally) loves sleeping in it, but putting that bed in his room has inspired me to change it from the palm tree and zebra baby nursery to a bigger boy “car room”.  He loves cars, trucks, and anything that says “zoom”!  His room will be a slightly bigger transformation (I’ll write more when we do it… should be next weekend!) , but in the meanwhile, I also wanted to update Rachel’s room.  I like her bedding, I like her bed, I like the paint color on the wall.  It was just a little… well… boring.  So, I got some butterfly wall sticker decals at Target.  I figured, a room change for $15, not bad.  We stuck them up the next day, and they were cute!  Rachel loved them.  Unfortunately, when we got home from bowling later in the day, several had already fallen off, and several more were well on their way. 😦  It became apparent that they weren’t going to stick.  So much for the $15 room change!  I looked at the stickers and thought, “I could draw these…” and thus began the “project”!

Thankfully, Matt was not here for the project.  He’s not a huge fan of my creative attempts.  He tends to move a little slower, and be more planned about things, whereas I tend to follow my inspiration wherever it may lead!  I got a pencil, and drew a bunch of butterflies on her wall.  Then, went to Hobby Lobby for paint and small brushes.  I took one of her accent pillows from her bedding to compare colors.  I knew I needed more opaque colors since her walls are already a deeper shade of purple. 

Colors picked, coming home.

I started out with the pale pink.  Fortunately, it dried a little darker than when painted on.  Then, I moved to the dark pink.  It dried fire-engine red!  I had to mix my own dark pink by adding white to the mix and paint over the red butterfly!  🙂    The green, yellow, and white turned out just how I thought they would. 

It took me about three hours from start of painting to completion of antennae.  There are a couple mess-ups that I need to go  back and fix, but I think it looks so cute!  Matt came home the next day and we told him there was a surprise in Rachel’s room!  He likes them, but admits there is no way he would have let me get away with the creative streak had he been home!  🙂 

Here’s some pictures:

butterfly walls 4butterfly walls 5butterfly walls 6

These are a few up close pictures.  The dark pink (formerly fire-engine red!), the green, and the creamy white.  I drew the antennae on with a bottle of paint with a tip attached to it.

The walls and Rachel's bed.  The colors of the butterflies match the colors in her Laura Ashley Quartet bedding
The walls and Rachel's bed. The colors of the butterflies match the colors in her Laura Ashley Quartet bedding
Just a shot of the wall... fortunately the pale pink dried to this nice color!
Just a shot of the wall... fortunately the pale pink dried to this nice color!


Her picture shelf and butterflies!
Her picture shelf and butterflies!

Overall, it was a very labor intensive (68 handpainted butterflies!), and fun project!  I’m so glad I went ahead and did it… I go to her room now just because it makes me smile!  Next decorating step for her room: sanding and painting her dresser. 🙂

4 Comments on “butterfly invasion!”

  1. Sooo cute! I want to grab some paint and go do the girls’ room (they have a big butterfly area rug in similar colors.) Too bad this is a rental home :(. I think you did a great job, though! I can’t wait to see pictures of Eli’s zoom room!

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