animal sounds and the such

Continuing Drudging on through the letter A.  Have I mentioned that in the future I’m cutting the amount of time on each letter?  Not that it’s been super awful, and I’m sure that the kids are still enjoying all of the activities.  BUT, I think they could still “get it” without doing 8 lessons per letter.  I’m going to try 6 next time I lesson plan. 🙂


Today we read a couple of books about animal sounds.  Three, to be exact, and then we read a book about a tiger.  So, all animal-y.  Then, we took our animal flash cards and made those animal noises, and also jumped/hopped, waddled, flew around the room in imitation of those animals.  These kind of activities are so good for Eli… he was really making a lot of the sounds. 

We practiced our Bible verse.  Rachel knows it my memory now, and Eli will repeat after me.  Again, good exercise for him.  He only has a few words that would be understandable to a passerby, so it’s good to practice words that he normally doesn’t say.

After “carpet time”, we did some “seat work” at the picnic table.  Rachel is practicing drawing straight lines (not an easy task!), and Eli was just coloring an “A” coloring page. 

Snack was cheese slices I cut up with a miniature cookie cutter into apple shapes, and apple slices.  🙂

Annnnd, that’s it.

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