it’s been a crazy few days…

I’ve been superduper busy with all sorts of part time jobs.  It’s great (’cause we can really use the extra income), but a little crazy in that there has been no work coming in for a while, and now all of the sudden, I’ve got data entry coming out of my ears, and multiple item-writing contracts for standardized tests!  It’s great, but crazy.

To add to the craziness, my husband is at this moment taking our son to a pediatric urgi-care.  We were all exposed to a child who (an hour or so after we all left) spiked a fever that turned out to be the flu.  And his mom got it, and his brother.  BUT, not before my two were in close proximity to the younger one for hours the next day… 

Yesterday Eli was a little clingy/fussy.  His “high” temperature was in the upper 99. whatevers.  That’s not technically a fever.  Have to hit 100.4.  So, no doctor.  He was fine this morning.  Woke up from his nap, and was at 101.9.  Yikes.  About an hour later, he was at 102.7.  Double yikes.  Gave Motrin, checked an hour later, still at 102.  So… he’s on the way to get an insta-flu check. 

Hope he doesn’t have the flu.  It’s bad stuff to have a kid with the flu when you have another kid only 15 months older, and I’m pregnant.  And I haven’t had my flu shot yet because it’s stinkin’ early, and most places don’t even have them in yet!  *sigh* 

So, it’s been crazy.  But good too.  Lots of good stuff happening at the same time as the craziness. 

Time to stop the rambling…

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