so now I’m immune, right?

Lack of blogging as of late totally due to lack of energy.  We’ve had the flu run through our house here, starting last Wednesday.  The two-year-old popped a fever that afternoon, that only continued to rise.  A trip to the urgi-care revealed the culprit:  Influenza A.  Yuck.  Next day, the three-year-old popped a fever.  Great.  Very tired mom… very… tired.

Has been progressively getting a little better each day.   I’ve been going to be before 9pm to make up for the lack of energy/sleep being had due to sick kids.  Eli still has a fever today.  I am anxiously awaiting the “24 hours without fever/fever reducing medicine” to kick in.  Rachel is doing much, much better.  That child, her immune system should be a case study in a scientific journal!  She never gets sick… and when she does, it’s no big deal. 

Next step:  dealing with the after shock of the flu.  Matt and I both have some nasty stinkin’ congestion and coughs going on… and I think Eli may have a sinus and/or ear infection.  Bleh.  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow when I take him to the pediatrician.

After all of this… I should be immune, right?  Ha!  I wish!  After this, I’m an even bigger proponent than before of the flu shot!  I’ll be getting mine as soon as it’s available! 🙂

2 Comments on “so now I’m immune, right?”

  1. A baby! Wow! Congratulations 😀

    But, oh, yes, flu is very nasty with little ones to look after even when life is normal, but pregnant with little ones with flu – you have my full sympathy!!!

    Take heart, though. It’s hard as anything when they are all little – really I know it is. But when they are a bit bigger they will be looking after you. It’s sweet!

    How long do you have to go with baby?

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