makes it all a little better when…

I still feel completely miserable.  Head hurting?  Check.  Annoyingly nasty cough?  Check.  Eardrum throbbing?   Check. 

HOWEVER… as I was taking a moment to relax (yes, I have been somewhat productive regardless of the condition of my poor, painful head!), it was all made a tiny bit better when I felt the tiny baby in my tummy give me a little thumpity-thump!  🙂  Ahhh… there is nothing at all in the world like finally knowing that your baby is there without having to listen to a doppler at the doctor’s office!

1 Comments on “makes it all a little better when…”

  1. Awww! That’s soooo exciting! How precious! I wonder if it’s a boy baby or a girl baby making those thumps! Can’t wait to find out when he/she is born! Love you lots!

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