the pressure is killing me

I generally try to not be a whiny-baby sort of person.  I realize that while there are negative things that happen in life (sometimes, very negative), all in all, I’m blessed. 

HOWEVER… today is a change from the norm.  I’m going to allow myself the time it takes to type this to feel pathetically sorry for myself.  And then, it has to be over.  I have too much to do, two children to care for, and a ton of laundry (which I suppose could go under the category, “too much to do”, but really, if you saw it, you’d understand why it stands alone).

So, here it goes:  I FEEL MISERABLE!!!  Yes, miserable.  The sinus infection I thought I had actually is one, and worse, it has exploded into some sort of genetically powerful phenomenon that is making my head HURT.  Badly.  There is so much sinus pressure, I’m leaking.  My tear ducts are involuntarily leaking tears.  (although there are times I feel like actually crying…), my nose is in a constant state of nastiness… my ears hurt, my eyes hurt, my… well, everything from the neck up hurts.    I find myself wondering if I took a drill to my sinus cavities, would it release the pressure???  Probably not, and that would hurt, so scratch that idea.


Okay, maybe the laundry will have to wait.  For now, I think I’ll keep my seat on the couch warm with some compresses to the face, tissue box beside my hand, and trashcan beside the couch.  It’s pathetic, but it’s how it’s gonna have to be.

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