The crazy letter B

Letter B started last Tuesday with a “b”ang!  It was gearing up to be a fun letter… I had ordered caterpillars to watch turn into butterflies, we were going to be painting, and reading, and doing so many fun things.  UNTIL… the next day, when the flu hit.  So, today we finally picked back up with the letter B.  I guess that’s the nice thing about homeschooling… it’s okay to miss a few days of “school” due to illness! 🙂

We read a few of the books in the A+ color series (blue, brown, and black, naturally), and then I had traced a “big” B and “small” b onto paper for them to color and stick bug stickers on.  I figured it was a low-key way to get back into the swing of things.  I also a while back bought a bag of 7 bean soup mix.  Well, I’m not making soup out of it!  It has all sorts of sizes and shapes and colors of beans (7, to be exact!), so we’re going to use that as our fine motor skill activity; sorting by color, by size, etc…  Later on with Rachel I’ll probably do a glueing activity with the beans.  I’m not sure Eli is old enough to handle that much glue!

Our caterpillars are growing and growing and growing!  When we first picked them up, they looked so tiny, I was afraid they would die on us.  But, they’ve perservered, and are now kind of creepy black crawly things.  How much bigger can they get???  Surely they are about to form their little chrysalises???  I hope so, anyways.  These things might attack us during the night if they get any larger!  My images of cute little green caterpillars like in The Very Hungry Caterpillar just did not materialize here.  Oh well… the kids still like watching them every day, and are anxious to see them become    buh-buh-butterflies!

2 Comments on “The crazy letter B”

  1. We did get to watch one (the runt of the litter) turn into his chrysalis! It was exciting to see, but difficult to photograph. 😦 The cup they were in was not big enough to get a good angle on it, but I hope to get some of them when they are popping out of their shells as butterflies!

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