beans, butterflies, and books

More letter B today.  I told you, we’re faaaaar behind due to rounds of illness! 

Today we read our library books.  Not letter “B” specific, but it was fun.  It’s always nice to read books that are “fresh” to the kids.  We have  a pretty good amount of children’s books already, but the way they enjoy being read to, we’ve read through most of them over and over and over!  So, nice for them (and me too!) to get a fresh story every now and then!

Next we did an activity out of the Big Book of Beginning Sounds.  (see, preschool resources I would recommend for details).  Rachel did the full activity which involved deciding which items started with the “buh, buh” sound, and coloring them.  Then I cut them out (circles are a little much for her cutting skills right now!), and she glued them on to the the butterfly completely unassisted.  I thought she did a pretty good job with the glueing and placing of the circles.

Last, we broke out the 7-bean mix (which we ended up not doing last week), and while Eli happily just dumps and plays, Rachel is sorting the beans by colors.  Who would have thought that a bag of beans could provide so much fun???  🙂  This particular mix is nice because tomorrow we could sort by size instead of color… there’s a wide variety.

sorting beans 1sorting beans 2sorted beans

This was (obviously) the bean activity.  Both children enjoyed it.  After all of the sorting and “hard work”, they just played and played with the beans, dumping and scooping and swirling them around. 

B butterfly activityBig B little b with bug stickersbutterfly chrysalids

“B” stuff… the glueing and coloring.  The middle one I traced the letters onto the paper, and they colored and decorated with bug stickers.  The last one is my attempt to show you our chrysalids.  We have six little butterflies happily morphing away in their chrysalises.  The shot is a little blurry looking because of the netting… and my camera isn’t high tech enough to get a better one! 🙂

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