the letter C lesson plan week

Alrighty.  I finally got around to planning out the 5-day set of lesson plans for the letter C.  Again, it’s been so crazily unstructured around here for a while due to illnesses and work, that I am seriously looking forward to next week and a little breathing room!

The letter C.  I think I mentioned that I’m just doing 5 day sets now rather than 8.  The 8 was good for the little one who is learning letter recognition (it’s actually sinking in, folks!), but 8 days was just way too long for the older one who already knows all of that stuff, and needs a faster pace.  I figured, little one is only 2 (this Saturday!), he has time to work on recognition, which we can also do outside of “school time”. 

I’m following the same structure as before, but adding in more skill type activities rather than just “fluff”.  The “fluff” is fun, but even the fun stuff gets repetitive and boring after a while…  We will still do the Bible verse each day (that’s worked well so far, Rachel knows both verses well, and Eli will repeat them.  That’s huge for him since when we started this he wasn’t even putting 2 words together.), and then read a book related to the activity, and do activity time.  I don’t have all of the books in mind yet.  If you have ideas, let me know!

** ALSO… I am not sure how to deal with the “hard” letter sound vs. the “soft” sound.  I.e., “c” as in “cut”, or “c” as in “certain”.  Do I just focus on the hard sound for now?  If anyone has an early childhood education training and would like to comment, PLEASE, feel free! **

Day OneBible verse, Read:  ???, Activity:  paint wooden letter C

Day Two:  Bible verse, Read:  The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Activity;  caterpillar cut and paste (out of the Big Book of Beginning Sounds) for Rachel, Eli will just color the caterpillar.

Day ThreeBible verse, Read:  Cat in the Hat, Activity:  make “c” bracelets (same resource as above), glue cotton balls onto picture of a cat.

Day FourBible verse, Read:  ???, Activity:  focus on cutting skills with scissors

Day FiveBible verse, Read:  The Carrot Seed?, Activity:  make carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Decorate pictures of carrots while baking.

Skills to focus on for the 5-day set:

Rachel:  Drawing lines form one point to another (straight and wavy), cutting straight lines while holding scissors correctly, sorting

Eli:  Color and shape recognition

I’ll check back in on this topic later to report how the fewer days went! 🙂

3 Comments on “the letter C lesson plan week”

  1. Hey! Yep, you just need to focus on the hard sound for now. Also, don’t begin any blends (like “ch”). You want her to really know the hard sounds before she learns the others- she may be ready before other children b/c she’s so clever :), but she still needs the basics first. Love you!

  2. Personally, I introduced them with the others. “C” for “city”, “G” for giraffe, and the various sounds of “A” (ark, ant, ape..)

    I don’t know how you feel about little ones on the computer, (I didn’t allow any of the first three much time at all) but with Little Miss Two, I will sometimes allow my seven year old to help the two year old play on the starfall site.

    It is good for letter recognition, and might be something to keep up your sleeve if (God forbid!) you are ever struck with the flu again, or for when your energy flags while pregnant/new baby is keeping you busy.

  3. Hee hee… so basically, do whatever works for us! 🙂 Fortunately, not having early childhood training is working for me this go around! I “c”ertainly don’t feel pressured to approach from any one direction.
    Mrs. BB: I have heard many homeschool folks here who have sung praises of starfall. I’ve yet to check it out myself. Is is wrong to admit I’m afraid of what a three-year-old will do to my link to the “outside”??? 🙂

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