Saturday, September 26th, 2009.  What a day.

First of all, it was my darling son’s second birthday!  Hurray!  He is so precious… I am so thankful that God chose to bless us with this “surprise” 15 months after his sister was born! 🙂  He had a great day.  Woke up to streamers, played, had yummy homemade chocolate cake, did presents with family… just lovely.  He is completely in love with the presents he got.  Most were along the “race car” theme, since he is very into that right now.  A few of the more obnoxious ones may find themselves convieniently “lost” in the very near future… 🙂

Funny story… while gathering to sing happy birthday, someone said, “hey, I thought he was two”.  Yes, I had put three candles in the cake.  How awful is that??? 🙂  But, I had a good excuse.  Brain was fried.

Most of the day (8-4:30) I was at a workshop learning how to write test questions for the new version of the GED coming out in a while.  I’m so glad I got the opportunity, but I have to be honest; sitting there, just taking in information all day long… it tires one out!  I am excited to try my hand at writing these though.  It will definitely be challenging, but I hope to learn a lot about the item writing process overall through doing this project.  Anyways, that’s why my brain was fried. Information overload.  Good thing that came out of that (well, one of them), was that I realized how much I DO NOT miss working away from home every day!  I love being at home with my babies, even if they drive me crazy some days!  I love being able to set my own schedule, and take days off whenever I want to without having to ask for permission!  Definitely made me re-value, at a higher level, the benefits my children, and I, reap from being a stay-at-home-mom.

And lastly…. drumroll please…..

OUR BUTTERFLIES HATCHED!!!  Yes they did!  And, the little stinkers did it overnight, just like I was worried about!  I so wanted to be able to watch with the kids one of them emerge, but it didn’t happen this time around.  We have one more chrysalid to hatch.  I’m hoping that one makes his/her debut when we can watch. 🙂  Even if not, it is SO COOL to see.  Just to have watched the whole process, from tiny, barely visible little caterpillars, to beautiful butterflies… what a miracle. I will definitely post some pictures, but not right now.  Maybe tomorrow, or early next week.  I figure, we’ll keep them in the butterfly house for a week,  and then have our “release party”.  Should be interesting as Rachel has been talking about catching them in her butterfly net since they were caterpillars!  I hope she is not brokenhearted if she’s unable to do so… 😦

That’s it!  Great day.  Busy.  Crazy.  Sentimental.  Perfect.

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