the butterflies are FREEEEE!!!

Today was “release day” for our beautiful painted lady butterflies.  We’ve watched them grow from tiny caterpillars, into big, nasty caterpillars, then change into chrysalids, and finally butterflies.  We kept them for about a week just to watch and observe, but I could tell they were getting a little fiesty inside their little house, and longing for a little more space. (Yes, I can read butterfly minds.  It’s a rare skill.)

So, today we got a lot done, took Eli’s 2-year-old pictures, did a little fall clothing shopping for the little ones, played, took Rachel to the homeschool “park” day (really, it’s more like a farm.  She played with goats and chickens to her hearts content), and then did the “great release”.

The kids seemed excited.  They were ready with their nets to catch the released critters.

10-2-09 butterfly release 3

On its way out, one landed on my leg.  I resisted the urge to give a girly shriek. 🙂 

10-2-09 butterfly release 6

They stayed around in the yard for a while close enough to be able to watch them in the great outdoors.  It was pretty neat.

10-2-09 butterfly release 12

After than, it became a butterfly free-for-all… both kids running around swinging their nets futilely.  It was quite funny to watch from my side of the camera! 

10-2-09 butterfly release 1510-2-09 butterfly release 1410-2-09 butterfly release 17

Rachel almost caught one, but it escaped (lucky thing!) before her little grubby fingers could grab a hold.


10-2-09 butterfly release 16

And, that was it.  I was afraid that the kids would be upset when they realized the butterflies weren’t coming back inside, and, they were a little.  Rachel was more upset that she couldn’t catch one!  Sweet Eli kept saying, “udder-fies”, over and over.  I think he might miss the little insects. 🙂

It was a great first homeschool “science project”.  Pretty low-key, and now Rachel knows that in order to become a butterfly, a caterpillar must first be in a chrysalis.  I think that’s a decent start for a 3-year-old!  We look forward to more projects in the future! 🙂

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