a short political rant

Okay.  Today the news hit the world that the newest inductee into the Nobel Peace Prize “hall-of-fame” was to be none other than US President, Barack Obama. 

Now, I will start by saying that no, I did not vote for Obama.  I will also say that I didn’t much care for any of the Republican candidates either.  What I would give for a society in which politics was not a career job; one in which citizens did their part… ahh, but that’s another post altogether. 

So, no, Obama is not my favorite.  However, I also strongly, and firmly believe in supporting the leader of my country.  Does that mean I have to agree with everything he does or says?  Nope.  But, it does mean that I support my nation, and in doing so, him as a leader.  Inbetween election cycles I basically consider myself political-neutral.  I’m amazed and disgusted at actions taken by both parties on a very regular basis.  I think George Washington had it right when he advised against political parties…

Today though, regardless of political affiliation, I would think that Americans have the right to be upset and maybe even a tad outraged that Obama was the Peace prize nominee.  HE HASN’T DONE ANYTHING TO EARN THAT RIGHT!!!  What’s worse, at the time the nomination was submitted, Obama had hardly taken office, and had most certainly not accomplished anything “world peace-ish” at the time. 

Let me balance this rant by saying that I FULLY believe that Obama may one day rightfully earn this honor… I think it’s highly possible.  Especially since in the world’s eyes, diplomacy and “talkin’ it out” seems to be the thing to do (well at least if you want to be an American nominated… Arafat certainly wasn’t much into “talking it out” during much of his career…).  But at this point, he just hasn’t earned it.

I thought that this was a pretty obvious thing to see.  But, as usual, the die-hard fans are amazing me.  Even if I vote for someone, I see their flaws.  It seems to me (correct me if I’m wrong) that the Obama-fans can’t see their idol’s flaws.  That’s a seriously dangerous place to be, folks.  It gives him a unprecented amount of power, because no one will question what he does.  Scary…

Bottom line:  I don’t think he’s earned it.  I think he may have in the future, but this has ruined that chance.  What’s more, I think that bestowing the award upon him so prematurely actually hurts him.

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