rainbow fish

We’re full swing into the letter F this week.  Letter E got no love from me… I mean, I know it’s an important letter and all, but it was not super-easy to find preschool appropriate activites that weren’t Easter related.  Since it was October, Easter stuff wasn’t really workin’ for me.

Letter F, though, much easier for me to plan for.

We started of the official “school time” with math.  I’ve decided to try to work in basic math practices at least 2 times a week.  For Rachel, it’s a bit more… example, today she had to look at a page with different groups of items, and circle the groups that contained only one item.  Basic, but good practice.  Got that book at Tar.get for less than $4.  Eli is working on coloring giant numbers, and then finding a sticker that matches the number.  I think I got that book out of a $.99 basket at some point

After math time, we read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss, and also Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister.  Both are classic, but in two completely different veins. 

After reading, we made our own rainbow fishes as our activity for the day.  I had purchased a while back some cardstock fish that I actually used as potty training aids. (we’d make it a necklace, and put stickers on for every time we made peepee in the potty!)   I had a bunch left over from that.  Yesterday, I cut out “scales” from construction paper in a variety of colors.  Today, Rachel glued hers on by herself, and with Eli, I put the glue on, and then he placed the scale on the fish.  When they were finished, I let them choose three scales from their fish, and I put glitter glue (the kind that comes in a non-messy tube!) on those three, to make them rainbow-ish.

Overall:  good day.  The math went well, the storytime was good, and the activity was fun.  It does involve a little prep work by the adult, but it’s really not that much.  It also helps to have a wealth of crafting stuff to pull from; going out and buying everything for just this one activity, it would be a little expensive.   It is possible to cut down on price… you can print fish pictures off of the internet, use markers to differentiate the “rainbow scales”, etc…

Here are some pictures of the finished products:

rainbow fish 1
Eli's rainbow fish


rainbow fish 2
Rachel's rainbow fish

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