a more “granola” me

The title of my blog is The Evolution of Me.  One way in which I have definitely evolved/changed over the past year or two is that I’ve become decidedly more “granola”.

Granola.  What does that mean?   When I hear it, two things come to mind.  The first is cereal.  Granola with milk… ever tried chocolate granola?  Yum.  Second thing that comes to mind is a lifestyle.  That’s what I’m talking about here.  To be “granola” is to be more organically inclined, more environmentally inclined, and in general, be more discerning of consumer choices. (my definition… cut some slack…)

Areas in which many people are “granola-ized”. 

Clothing choices.  This (as far as I know) ranges from choosing to wear all/mostly cotton or natural fibers, to the vegan no-animal-product-whatsoever option.  With clothing, I’m not so granola.  I do prefer cotton just because of the breathability and feel, BUT, I also have some super cute tops that are synthetics, and it doesn’t bother me.

Food.  This is a biggie.  Again, there’s a wide variety of options in the path to granola-izing yourself.  There’s the vegan no-animal-product option, there’s the vegetarian no-meat-but-will-eat-stuff-like-eggs option, there’s the vegetarian no-red-meat-eaters, there the organic-food-only eaters, and the choosy-organic eaters.  Maybe there’s more categories… that’s what I can think of.  I fall into the choosy-organic category.  Some things gross me out… dairy products being number one, if they are not organic.  Blech.  All of the hormones they pump into those poor cows???  I don’t want me, or my children to be drinking hormones with their Cheerios in the morning, ya know?  So, I do organic milk, cheese as much as possible, sour cream, butter, eggs, yogurt, etc…  I also prefer to buy the kids snack-type foods organic.   It’s definitely more expensive, but I find that if I cut out the junk we don’t need anyways, that the grocery bill ends up about the same.

Cleaning.  I’ll admit that this is an area that I long to be more organic/granola in, but am only making slow progress.  We are a no-shoe house to cut down on allergens (poor baby boy has ’em bad), and I’ve found an all-purpose kitchen surface cleaner that is “green” that I like.  I’d like my floors to be cleaned more “greenly”, but the products I’ve tried leave a residue on the tile floors.  Any suggestions???  Another thing I’m about to granola-ize is our laundry detergent.  I’m patiently waiting for my sister to email me her recipe, in the meanwhile, I look forward to spending about 2 cents per load, vs. 20 cents or more. 😉

Baby stuff.  This is a more new area for me.  The first baby we had, we used disposable diapers, wipes, regular everything.  I also supplemented her with formula as she was not the world’s greatest breast-feeder.  Towards the end of her “baby” phase, I started to look into more organic foods/products, and so she got some organic baby foods after about 9 months or so.  The second baby was completely breast-fed; he refused to take bottles.  He also struggled A LOT with diaper rash problems.  Don’t EVEN ask me to add up the cost associated with the number of doctor visits, prescriptions etc…  it’s astronomical.  Found out later that he is just a sensitive human.  He has a lot of allergies, and very sensitive skin.  So, with the forthcoming baby due in March, I’ve decided to go with cloth diapers.  I added everything up last night, and the cost to cloth diaper a baby for 2+ years is around $550, depending of course on the brands and styles of diapers you choose.  It will be about $550 for us.  BUT, the cost to disposable diaper for on average 3 years???  $1800.  YES, it’s true.  We’ll be saving a massive amount of money, and will be providing a happier environment for our little one’s tushie.  In fact, the cloth diapers is why I’m going to start making laundry soap.  Conventional soaps are more abrasive than you think, and will ruin the absorbancy of the diapers, therefore, a need to either buy expensive specialty soap, or make your own!

So, granola ain’t such a bad thing after all.  It definitely is a lifestyle choice, and one that comes with a price tag.  But, if you’re interested in being healthier overall, it’s worth looking into.  It’s easy to start small, and then increase when you can, or feel comfortable.  I started with milk and yogurt, and have slowing added other items as well.  Be selective. We may not have the pantry or refridgerator/freezer that is always overflowing with junk, but the stuff that we do have in our house I feel good about.                                   Quality vs. Quantity. 


5 Comments on “a more “granola” me”

  1. have not heard of the Enjo. We just got a steam mop, which I am excited to try out. It has good reviews, although, like you, I did cringe a little at the sticker! 🙂

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