ever known this kind of person???

Have you ever had the pleasure of being “friends”, or better yet, “family” to a person who cares solely about themselves?

This person doesn’t call you, unless he/she has something about themselves they want to talk about.  Any conversation about you or concerning your life just seems forced and fake.  Even better, this person most likely wants you to either A: feel sorry for them about something (which you just can’t do based on certain events), or B: pat them on the back about something (also a difficult task based on same events as before).

The dilemma becomes: what to do/think about this.  If it’s a “friend” that’s doing this, the conversation about the one-way-ness of the “friendship” is fairly easy to have, and I would guess that even if it ends up badly, ie: you are no longer “friends”, it won’t have actually been much of  a loss.  However, if the person is “family”, it becomes a bit trickier. 

Where I’m at with this (purely hypothetical, of course) situation, is that I’ve forgiven wrongs, accepted that this person is just plain clueless… and yet sometimes, just every now and then, it just bugs me somethin’ fierce.  Oh, (hypothetically) like today, for instance.  I receive a phone call (the first in quite a while) asking me if I remembered something about when I was a teaching in public schools.  I never had the information being sought, so the conversation quickly turns into a (one-way) discussion about the person’s latest project in their attempt to gain a college degree.  I’m being spoken to like I know what’s going on (which I don’t), and it’s pretty obvious I’m expected to be gushing over the dedication said person has to their project (which I don’t).   

FRUSTRATING!!!  I’m finding there is a huge gap between forgiveness and re-finding respect.

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