my new leaf doesn’t want to turn over

“Turning over a new leaf”.  The phrase implies major changes being made… new attitudes, new habits, behaviors, etc… and, for the most part, changes made for the better.

Money.  Ughhh… don’t get me started.  When we decided that I would stay home with our kids several years ago, we knew that that decision meant for us that we’d slowly accumlate a little debt.  It wasn’t a huge concern because my husband has a very steady job, and at the time was also making nice-sized end-of-year bonuses.  Then, the recession hit.  How were we to know that the bonuses would dry up at the same time we chose to cut our income to one? 

Fast-forward a few years, and the little bit of debt that we knew we would have, is now much more than we ever wanted.  I can’t say that I can compete with certain family members of mine… I mean, as of yet I’ve not opened up credit accounts in other people’s names… BUT, for us, it’s MUCH more than we ever anticipated or wanted.

Last night.  We have a serious conversation about our situation, and how we know that in a few years the projections are good, but at least for the next calendar year, things will be about how they are currently, business-wise.  This means we need to have a “turn over a new leaf” moment.  We discuss how our attitudes (very American) about spending need to change, and how we need to find joy in saving and scrimping, rather than it being a chore.

Fast forward less than 24 hours, and there are forces working against our little leaf-flipping event.  A meeting we had already planned on being at;  now it’s going to involve pizza and probably a babysitter.  That will end up being probably $20 for our family.  That we don’t have. 

I’m just frustrated.  WHY?  We really do want to be more God-honoring with our finances… but it seems that EVERY time we try, something else comes up. 

Blah.  I know it’s a little bah-humbug to be talking about money around Christmas… and yes… we probably did do too much where that is concerned.  I’ve already decided that some of what we purchased I’m putting back for birthday presents next year.  But, it’s my blog… and I can talk about whatever I want to.  🙂

3 Comments on “my new leaf doesn’t want to turn over”

  1. do you clip coupons? get them off the internet? i can maybe help with some other money saving ideas too, & maybe you have some that you can share with me. i think a panera date needs to happen soon anyways.

  2. Yes, I am a coupon clipper… I have a stack to take with me to the store tomorrow. 🙂
    I also try to make only meals that will provide lots of leftovers… casseroles, etc…
    I’m also learning to be more patient for things that need replacing… example; our cellphones have desperately needed a replacing for several months, but we waited, and were able to get two new phones absolutely free this week. 🙂
    I think part of my melancholy is that I felt like I was finished with the Christmas shopping thing… and now it just seems like there’s all this little junk that keeps popping up… and it just adds up, you know???

  3. Oh sis, guess what I found out after we talked yesterday? James had to sign up to bring food on the 11th and has to pitch in $10 to buy gifts for his bosses… I have my $3 from my birthday card for Grandaddy- too bad I’m $7 short :). You’re right, it’s the little things… Oh, and Naaman needs the bigger size cloth prefolds, so we’re gonna have to get more somehow… if Courtney gives you tips, maybe you can post them… until then, maybe y’all better have a PB&J date. (Sorry, couldn’t resist :).)

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