Matt and I have been wanting to get a nativity set for our house for as long as we’ve been married.  We finally decided which set we wanted to start collecting, and realized, “if we collect an “adult” set before we have a “kids” set, the “adult” set is likely to be manhandled and damaged.

So, we put off our wish to start our collection this year in favor of purchasing a children’s set instead.  There’s not a whole lot out there that are realistic (ie: biblical) and plastic, ya know?  I finally chose the Little People set from Fisher.Price because my babies already have some Little People items, so they would recognize it as something “okay to play with”, as well as being somewhat “realistic”.

Our set came today.  I am very happy with our choice!  They are playing/arguing about who plays with which animal and/person, but they are also talking about Jesus, and Mary, and Joseph, and the manger, etc…

Things that the “stickler crew” might find fault with… yes… I spotted these things, it’s just not enough to make it a “make or break” purchase for me. 

1.  The angel:  typical blonde haired cutie with a blue bow in her hair.  Ummm… not exactly how I think it actually went.

2.  Only 2 shepherds.  Although, I was happy to see that not all of the people are Caucasian.

3.  baby Jesus wearing a little crown.  Yeah. 

Overall, it is a super cute way to introduce the telling of the Christmas story to very small children.  I wish we had made this purchase last year.  Fortunately, there are more parts to the set, so we can expand upon our nativity for a few years.

The “grown up” set will have its chance later on.

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  1. You’re gonna have to post some pictures of your cuties playing with it… and this is totally off-topic, but the thought of being close enough to see you more than once every year or two just makes me so excited :).

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