pregnancy & homeschooling

August started out with a bang for us and homeschooling.  Although we are just in the preschool phase of things, I was joyfully planning crafts and activities to coordinate with books we were reading to my hearts content.

Then, the second half the the second trimester hit, along with preparations for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  My “nesting” instincts also began kicking into high drive, and the desire to lesson plan decreased as other responsibilites and instincts took over. 

So, we are now mostly working on workbook type activities.  Rachel (3 1/2) is doing pre-K math skills and pre-writing skills (for this, we’re using the Kumon workbook.  I’ve been VERY happy with it).  Eli (2 1/4) is working on just coloring, and learning the rest of his colors.

I have felt badly about this for a while.  However, this week changed that feeling.  Rachel was doodling with a pen and paper as I was working on some contract work at the computer.  She, with a little verbal guidance from me, wrote her name all by herself for the first time!  Made me realize that it doesn’t matter if I’m doing all of the “fluff” stuff that traditional pre-school programs do.  My house may never be filled with the never-ending parade of filler artwork that comes home with most kids from school.  BUT, the important stuff is still being taught.  AND, we get to do fun stuff along the way too. 

My next “project” to take on after the holidays are over is to contact our local fire station to see about arranging a field trip geared toward preschool aged children.  I know mine would love it, and there’s several other preschool homeschoolers I know who might be interested too.  We’ll have to see how that goes!

Bottom line:  thank goodness homeschooling is flexible… 🙂

2 Comments on “pregnancy & homeschooling”

  1. Just think of yourself as being ahead of the trends since there is a big push for the crafty stuff to get OUT of preschool classrooms and to get full of much more meaningful learning on THEIR level. 🙂

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