big step toward cloth

I mentioned a while back that I was interested in cloth diapering for baby number three, due in (approximately) 76 days. 🙂

Reason?  Mostly to be more cost effective.  I’ve grown weary of buying $20 boxes of diapers just to see the money literally be thrown away with each change.  On top of that, we’ll still have one sweet boy in diapers, and one sweet girl in pull-ups for naptime/nighttime… and the thought of having three to buy diapers for is just insane.

In addition, I’m hopeful that this move will spare us some of the diaper-related problems we’ve had with our children in the past.  Rashes, doctor visits, expensive creams… I can’t begin to tell you how much time and money has gone into treating their little bottoms! 🙂

So, in an effort to actually do what is in my head and on my heart (’cause, I’m fully aware that like homeschooling, this is an unconventional approach that I need to just jump off and do), I’ve registered on a cloth diapering website.  Yes, it’s true.  The site is called Nicki’s Diapers, and they pretty much have everything you would ever need.  I also really like that they have free shipping offers frequently, and specials that change every week.  I just keep checking for specials that apply to me!

The original site I had made my “need list” off of was not Nicki’s, and some of the exact brands I had written down are not on Nicki’s.  However, the brands the do carry are great, and I am now happily anticipating being able to cloth-diaper my little one, whenever he or she chooses to arrive (please God, please let it be a little early!).

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