deadlines & due dates

I’m finally starting to get more excited about the impending arrival of baby number 3.  I don’t know if it was having two little ones running around to distract me, or not knowing the gender, or the busy time of year (quite possibly a combination off all!), but I’ve had a hard time feeling that butterfly-in-the-stomach, oh-my-goodness, it’s-actually-happening, sort of emotion. 

This week, it hit.  I think it started on Tuesday when I found out that my OB appointments will now be every two weeks instead of every four.  I just didn’t realize I was that far along!  That means that the end draweth near…  Because of that, I was motivated to do my cloth diaper registry (see 2 posts ago), and also some small things on a Tar.get registry.  Not a whole lot needed this time around, and most everything is green or white!  But, I know some of my friends, and their penchants for needing a list, so I went ahead and did it. 

All of that got me more in the baby preparation mode.

In the meanwhile, I know I still have a lot to do before the due date.   One of my forms of “nesting” this time around has been to pile on the contract work I do at home.  I’m completely blessed to have the opportunity to write history test questions for different states and their standardized tests.  It pays well, lets me stay at home, and lets me use my college degree… all at the same time!  Currently, I just submitted one contract, I’m in the middle of another that needs to be finished by January 1, and then I have another lined up that has a deadline of January 31st.  I’ve never tried to cram so many in at one time, but I think my instinct is to get as much done as possible since there will be a necessary break once the baby is born for re-adjustments and sleep deprivation. 🙂

Speaking of deadlines, guess I’d better get to work on those revisions…

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