naughty & nice

My two year old son has nasty allergy problems.  He’s been on medicine since about 6 months old.  To the people who would judge and tell me “that’s too young, I’d never do that”, I say, “if you child was sick non-stop, maybe you would”. 

Anyways, he’s been pretty much under control since we saw an allergist this summer and prescribed a nasal steroid to go along with his massive dose of Zyr.tec.  Controlled, until now.  He has developed a gross thick snot drainage that has a good amount of blood in it from only one nostril.  TMI, you ask?  Then don’t read anymore. 🙂

I call the pediatrician this morning, and the girl I don’t love the most answers.  Conversation goes like this:

Me:  Yes, I need to bring Eli in, I think he has a sinus infection.

Girl:  Well, we don’t have any openings for today.

Me: (not surprised, ’cause it’s Monday), Can I schedule him for tomorrow?

Girl:  We can’t make those appointments until tomorrow morning.

Me (thinking):  Seriously?  What on earth???  I can’t bring my sick child in???

Me (saying):  okay, so what happens tomorrow when I can’t get through for an hour and you have no appointments left?

Girl:  I can only advise that you take him to an urgi-care.

Yes, ’cause I want to sit for who-knows-how-long with a bunch of other sick kids, while pregnant, to see a doctor who doesn’t know anything about him or his history.


Suddenly remembered:  Eli was supposed to go in for a 6-month allergist check-up this month.  Totally forgot about it until now.  Called the allergiest.  Conversation:

Me:  Yes, I need to bring Eli in for a check-up

Nice lady:  Okay, we have an opening the 28th.

Me (feeling resigned to the urgi-care):  okay.

Me:  Is it okay to bring him in even if he has a current sinus infection? 

(at this point, I explain that I can’t get in to see our pediatrician, but I’m planning on taking him to an urgi-care)

Nice lady:  oh, yes, hold on…(pause)  how about if you bring him in tomorrow at 12:30?

Me:  really?  That would be amazing!

Nice lady:  yes, and if he does need treatment, Dr. — — can automatically send in a prescription.

Me (thinking):  I love you

Me (saying):  thank you so much, that’s just awesome.

Bottom line:  allergist’s office is on the nice list.  Pediatrician’s office is on the naughty list.  They’re gettin’ nothing but coal. 🙂

1 Comments on “naughty & nice”

  1. At times like that, don’t you just think that God knows how much a mother can bear? 🙂

    We have a free hospital where you can sit for hours, or days (!), without being treated: all the time wondering what other nasty illness you are picking up from all the sick people who have passed through the place. You really have to be dying to make it worth going.

    I’m glad you were spared that. Being pregnant with small children in tow (particularly sick ones) should (in my not always so humble opinion 😉 ) get you to the head of just about any line.

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