things to remember when…

playing with fireworks.

December 31st of 2009 we invested in a few fireworks to shoot off for our kids and nephews to enjoy.  Not too big of an investment… it’s a little depressing to literally see your money explode in the air!  But, it’s fun.

The bag that they came in had a list of fireworks safety tips printed on it.  How sweet of them… some of them were very obvious ie: “always read and follow instructions on label” (although to some men, perhaps that’s not so obvious… 🙂  )

Others, were just funny, funny, funny.


“never carry fireworks in your pocket”– oh dear… some poor soul must have done that once upon a time…

“ignite fireworks outdoors only” — my condolences to the poor mothers who have had their children do the opposite!

“never put your head or any part of your body over the top of any fireworks” — seriously??? 

“never re-light malfunctioning fireworks or attempt to alter or fix any ‘dud’ fireworks” —  oh, the images that come to mind…

“never throw fireworks at another person” — again… seriously???

And finally:

“keep your neighborhood clean” — yes, because that is just as important as making sure you don’t lose a limb.

Sadly, all of these safely tips must have been spawned from someone’s error in judgement at some point!  I’m not sure who would think to place a firework in a glass container and the light it… hello… glass shards flying everywhere…  but apparently, it’s happened, ’cause that was on the list too.

Hoping everyone had a safe New Year’s experience, and a wonderful New Year to this point.


2 Comments on “things to remember when…”

  1. ive got another one… make sure your flying firework is facing the intended direction (toward the bay) instead of backwards (toward a house!). wasnt me of course, but i was there. 🙂

  2. Ha! Yes, there was something to that effect on the bag as well. Reminded me of the year that one came flying at those of us (including my infant nephew) in the yard, and although I didn’t have kids yet of my own, the instinct to roll to cover him with my body still kicked in… fun times, I tell ya! 🙂 We still talk about that year!

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