today I feel kind of like…

a combination between a beached whale and a pioneer woman. 

Strange, yes, I know.

Beached whale?  That comes from the extreme discomfort related to my huge stomach.  It’s actually become quite comical to watch me try to do any of the following:

tie my shoes

put on socks

paint toenails (good thing I can’t see them well enough to know if my job was cruddy or not!)

get up from the floor

get off of our deep, comfy couch

Really, there should be video taken of these events.  Not that I’d appreciate it now, but maybe, just maybe later, once I’m back down to a normal size, I’d find it a teensy bit humorous. 🙂

The beached whale distress has been (today anyways) balanced out by my Little House on the Prairie-esqe fire building.  Yes, I lit the fire in the fireplace, I have stoked it, spread the coals, and kept logs on it all day.  I am very much like Laura Ingalls, only without the calico dresses.  I’d post a picture, only it’s not in a “good” phase right now.  It almost died during naptime.  Seriously, I fell asleep for 30 minutes, it was blazing when I fell asleep and barely flickering when I woke up.  So glad I’m not actually a pioneer lady… I don’t think I’d be a very good one.  🙂

And, that’s it for today.

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